Fashion with a purpose, with Kemi Telford


Nigerian-born Yvonne Telford is the creator of Kemi Telford, a fashion label that is both eye-catching and full of purpose. Using bold prints like the ones she saw women in Nigeria wearing while she was growing up, now she inspires women every day to wake up and wear their crowns, as the Queens they were born to be.


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Last year, the Kemi Telford fashion brand caught my eye and I was rapidly sold into a universe of colourful Nigerian-origin prints, easy to wear, clothes that tell a story. The brand saw a meteoric rise during lockdown and it’s not hard to imagine why: women everywhere needed something to cheer them up, something with purpose and heart. Creator Yvonne Telford (Kemi is short for Oluwakemi, Yvonne’s middle name) shows up in the brand’s Instagram feed to always brighten your day and tell you to Wear Your Crown and take up the space you deserve in this world. It is also not hard to see how deeply she cares about all the people involved in this brand, from the women producing her textiles to the ones placing an order. Yvonne will share her journey with us, a story that is nothing short of awe and inspiration.