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Summer 2005. Isla Verde beach in San Juan. An ad in my Spanish Vogue that would take me three months later to pack life as I knew it and board a plane to Madrid. The ad was for a Masters Degree in Fashion Communications with Condé Nast Spain. The leap of faith that would change my life in ways I could have never dared to dream.

I’m Sylkia. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, where the sun shines all year round and you take the turquoise waters for granted. Citizen of the world.

What followed that flight was seven years living my dream of working with the most beautiful magazines in the world. Making lifelong friends. Falling in love with Madrid.

In autumn 2012 I was packing my life again and flying to London to live with the love of my life. The richness of this city was a given. What I wasn’t expecting was how our home would become the mothership of Thanksgiving celebrations. Every year, as the first scent of autumn hits the air, the question comes from all points in London: When’s Friendsgiving?

The last Saturday of each November I wake up at 6am to put the turkey in the oven and dress the most gorgeous of tables. The views from the living room to the Thames at this point in the year are usually cloudy, but sparkling with the fairy lights in the balcony.

There’s something about receiving friends at home and gathering around a table: The thrill of introducing people from different walks of life. I still get butterflies when the intercom rings and I open the door.

In 2020 I met Silvia. She and her project just embodied all that I’m passionate about: gathering, listening and sharing experiences.

Cenas Adivina came to me when I was ready to take all those emotions a step further and convert them into a purpose. Everyone has a story, will you come and share yours?

London Calendar

Choose your Cena Adivina and come and enjoy an unforgettable experience, we are looking forward to meeting you!

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They are the SOUL of Cenas Adivina, who make it possible for our events to have the quality and details that you deserve. People who are in love with the project have put their talent and affection in each of the evenings in which they participate. Together they form a great family that constantly supports each other, showing that what really makes you happy and allows you to move forward is generosity and love.

Without their wonderful photos, delicious wines and caterings, dream places, beautiful decoration and above all his big smile this would have been much more difficult and much less special.



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